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The Foundation of Islam
Come and join us for this course. Let us try to teach you about the miraculous power behind the shahada. Come, and we hope the door to this kalima's blessings come your way. Come and we will try to unveil the secret behind its power. The kalima, when pronounced by the Companions, changed the entirety of their lives and its meaning, when adopted, allowed them to become leaders of humanity. We will try our best to have you walk away from this course with a new look at the shahada, the foundation of all Islam, and the slogan of the Islamic way of life.

The Foundation of Islam
Come and join us for this course. We will try to teach you about the second part of shahada which is about our Prophet (S). Prophet Muhammad (S) was accused of many allegations. The accusers have spoken, now let us see what the defense has to say! I Bear Witness Part II is a seminar which brings Muslims and non-Muslims together to witness the other side and uncover the blind spot. This course is meant to disprove the false accusations against our beloved Prophet of Islam - Muhammad (S) and show the fallacies behind many of the baseless claims such as being possessed by evil or being a false prophet. A

Unlock the hidden treasures of prayer
In this unique seminar, learn how to connect spiritually with your Creator through prayer. Let us teach you the hidden meanings behind salah and why it is essential to your existence. Not only will the instructor impart the skills you'll need to master khushoo but he will delve more deeply, into the inner realms and intricacies of this ibadaa. As a result, the prayer will no longer be regarded as a mechanical chore, but an intimate meeting with the Divine. Through such insight, we hope you will leave this non-fiqh seminar with an awakened and unparalleled understanding of this fundamental pillar of Islam.

Stairway to the Quran

Reading the Quran is a worship we do every Ramadan and at other times throughout the year. Unfortunately, few are aware of what they may be missing as they perform this act of worship. Reading Allahs unique Book goes beyond fluency and a basic understanding. There is a stairway to the Quran that must be climbed for the reader to arrive to and unlock the door to its indescribable wonders. Do you know how the Honorable Generation (ra) used to read Al-Furqan? What is difference between your way and their way? Do you really benefit from Quran as much as the Companions (ra)? Come to this seminar and grab hold some of the keys that the Honorable Generation (ra) held while climbing the stairway to the Quran, and connect to the Quran in a way that is essential for every Muslim.

Unwrapping the Quran
Relevance of the Qur’an
Exploring the relevance of Quran in our daily lives.
Is it meant to be just read? or sit on shelf?
What does it give me and you?
How do we interatc with it?
Why should we interact with it?

Maze of Destiny
Destiny and the Future: How does it work?

We will look at these issues by taking careful steps into the Maze of Qadr (Destiny), a broadly misunderstood concept breeding many other misconceptions.

Shaykh Abu Nahla will Answer the following:
-Is my fate decided?
-Make an effort - My will and Allah's will
-Making moral choices: mercy and justice
-Accepting outcomes and dua and destiny
-The balanced Ummah with a common ground
-Where secularism went wrong?

Waze your way to Allah
GPS for our life!
Learn turn-by-turn instructions from the Quran and sunnah to navigate your way to Allah with total clarity.

Transform Like The Sahaba
Prep Yourself! Take Ramadan to Next Level
Level up this Ramadan using secrets from the Quran!
Explore connections between the self, the Blessed Book, and the Blessed Month.

Islamic Banking
Islamic Banking Versus Conventional Banking
Learn the reasons why Islamic banks are a MUST, and better than the conventional banks.

Keeping it Halal
Social Interactions
Allah knows us better than we know ourselves…
So what does He (swt) say about our interactions, communication, and behaviors with one another? Whether you’re a University student, a professional in a workplace or when simply navigating fast changing world of social media…
Come and enlighten yourself on the Protections Allah has provided to enable us to best navigate and benefit today’s society
Benefit from his unique practical experiences and Quranic based Self-Development insights.

Enriching the Muslim Marriage
In this engaging workshop, learn to make marriage work for you! Discover the strengths you bring into a relationship and areas you can stand to improve. Work toward changing unwanted habits, and developing life skills and alternative behaviors that will empower you in marriage.

Watch live skits and examine case studies that tackle common challenges. Discuss communication, intimacy, in-laws, the characteristics of a noble spouse and much more. Be guided through the Quran and Sunnah and begin to take steps toward establishing a more Prophetic marriage.

*This seminar is open to both the single and married.

Raising Godly Families

Are you a parent who worries for your children? Do you feel a heavy responsibility towards them? Are you a father carrying inner pain? Are you a mother burdened with guilt? Then this course is for you!

Are you recently married? Do you fear marriage because of the duties of parenthood? Will you be a parent soon? Then this course is for you!

Are you a researcher studying the science of raising children successfully? Are you studying child development? Then this course is for you!

Come explore the Quranic view and prophetic guidelines for raising children properly. Gain knowledge of best practices and learn about the tools available to you - all rooted in Quranic wisdom and confirmed by our experiences.

Mindful Muslims: Raising Ourselves, Raising a Generation

This course is for all of us; whether we are parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, teachers, youth workers, and those of us in leadership, we all have a collective responsibility in shaping our future generations.

In this course, we will seek the answers to such questions in the universe itself and discover that the revelation is a special lens through which we can see the truth underlying the reality. We will also zoom in to a few key areas in science such as evolution, the big bang and neuroscience.

Learn how to see the creation through the lens of the revelation. Explore key discoveries in science and how revelation sheds light on them. Learn how reecting on the creation is a part of the path to grow in belief.

Some Topics to be Covered:
- History of Science
- Creation of the Universe
- Soul & Neuroscience
- Evolution & Intelligent Design

The Lost Legacy
Revival of the forgotten fundamentals of success.
The Prophet SAAW was sent with the formula for success, for humanity, until the end of time. The Qur'an has been preserved and the Sunnah protected. The Ummah still exists and humans are still humans; yet misguidance still remains and we don't see the success that first generation attained.
The question that begs itself is what did that unique generation do with the same tools we have today; to change their lives, transform humanity, and attain success beyond measure?
What are we doing wrong?
What are we missing?
And how can we do it right?
In this unique and essential course we will explore important pre-requisites, essential concepts and fundamental principles that must be upheld to attain success and make it last. Join us for this 2 day course to rediscover and revive these fundamentals; to become a builder, rather than an obstacle on the way to success.

An Introduction to Tarbiya by Sh. Abu Nahla
An Introduction to Tarbiya
Throughout the course of our lives, our choices and actions get mixed: some good, some bad. What remains, however, is the constant struggle to do better, and to be better. Regardless of a person's accomplishments, we all have an inherent desire to elevate and to enhance. But how does a person do this systematically, within the deen? Join us ONLINE for an introductory course on the oft-neglected mother of all sciences, the Quranic science of tarbiyah or growth, and learn the basics around systematically growing yourself into the human God intended you to be.

Tazkiya Part One by Sh. Abu Nahla
Tazkiya Part One

Now that you have finished the Introduction to Tarbiya course and inshallah we've ignited your choice to change, you are ready to embark on the true journey of Tazkiya

Since the dawn of civilization, philosophers and wise men have worked arduously to uncover the basics of human psychology and human nature. The field is rich with theories and assumptions, with research and great works. Yet between the hands of Muslims lies a most supreme masterpiece that is not only clear, but proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be infallible. The Quran.

1400 years ago, Allah revealed this transcendent source of reference that the earliest generations of Muslims turned exclusively toward for answers about themselves, about their relationship to the rest of creation, about the point of their existence, and about why they function the way they do. It's where they found definitive answers and it's where they uncovered the absolute science of self.

Unfortunately, as time passed Muslims gradually began to neglect the Quran and substitute it with other sources of knowledge to find answers, like many do today. Unsurprisingly, they have yet to find a comparable dogma to satisfy the craving to know self. As such, more and more like you are returning to Allah's book, under the guidance of a Tarbiya Teacher, to reflect on the ayat and extract the map Allah has drawn for us to know ourselves. This is a major first step in the science of self-discovery, as well as the science of Tazkiya, and we invite you to take the step with us. Register for our 5-week online course and begin your journey to Allah today.

Map yourself using The Book
Over the years, habits are developed that are difficult and seemingly impossible to change. Resolutions are made and broken, all in a fruitless attempt at bettering oneself. Come to this seminar to gain a thorough understanding of how you function and uncover major misconceptions about change. Explore the psychology of the self through the Quran and equip yourself with the tools you need to achieve personal goals in your life. Mapping the self through Islamic introspection, we hope you will come to recognize how Islam is the best and only means to change and elevate one's being.

Revisit Quranic concepts through new lenses
The approach to the Quran, for a large number of people, has been limited to memorization and tajweed. There is much more embedded in The Book. In this course, revisit Quranic concepts through new lenses. Unravel seemingly complex matters such as destiny and guidance. Engage with the Quran, rectify your understanding of the foundations of the religion and gain insight into the lost vision and methodology of Islam.