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About Noesis Institute
Noesis Institute was formed by a group of students who realize that each Muslim, regardless of which walk of life he or she comes from, is uniquely valuable and capable of helping restore the Ummah to what it should be. All play a role in straightening and clearing the path for the rest of humanity to better see the light, justice, and beauty of the Word of Allah. By advancing such an outlook, they believe that the human race will lift itself toward the Divine.

Why an Institute?
The Institute's founders value the pursuit of sacred knowledge. Therefore, they have made it their purpose to help themselves as well as others obtain a balanced education; an education that unites Muslims and calls for flexibility that is best for the Ummah and true to the Quran and Sunnah. In keeping with this goal, the Institute has been created as a vehicle to provide all an opportunity to experience the Divine through sacred learning.

Noesis Pedagogy
Noesis seminars are formulated to stimulate the mind and impart tools to sharpen thought. Moreover, they are structured to help students discover the truth to stay consistent on the path to change. Adhering to Quranic methodology, the seminars present Islamic concepts in new, profound ways. In doing so, they provide insight into the beauty and completeness of Islam in relation to the self and society. Through such exposure, it is hoped that each seminar compels the student to constantly redirect himself to the Divine.

[No-ee-sis] Origin 1880-85
1. The exercise of reason
2. Psychology. Cognition; the functioning of the intellect.
3. The psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning
4. An act of consciousness.
As Muslims, we know that the first word ever written in our Book was "Read." And we know that reading in Allah’s name is actually a unique process of thinking that distinguishes the human from the rest of creation. In naming the Institute, we wanted a word that encapsulated this notion and alhamdulillah, 'Noesis' does just that.

We ask Allah to bless us as we do our part to help elevate the perception, reasoning, and consciousness of the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). And we pray that Allah bless other Muslim organizations as well as individuals who are working to do the same. Amin.

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