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I Bear Witness - Part II
'And Muhammad (S) is His Messenger'

Prophet Muhammad (S) was accused of many allegations. The accusers have spoken, now let us see what the defense has to say! I Bear Witness Part II is a seminar which brings Muslims and non-Muslims together to witness the other side and uncover the blind spot. This course is meant to disprove the false accusations against our beloved Prophet of Islam - Muhammad (S) - and show the fallacies behind many of the baseless claims such as being possessed by evil or being a false prophet.

Additionally, this seminar provides Muslims the opportunity to reflect more on their honorable prophet (S) and add to their knowledge, admiration, and love of him (S).

This course is for Muslims & non-Muslims.

2-Day Intensive Course

Course Dates:
May 9 & 10, 2015

Sat: 1 pm - 8 pm
Sun: 10 am - 5 pm


Park Plaza Tower
13111 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75243
Room: 5th Floor