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Fasting: Your Metamorphosis
According to a hadith that is categorized as both valid and weak depending on the source, our beloved Prophet (saaw) said:  If people knew what rests in Ramadan for them, they would truly wish the month lasted all year. 

Have you considered why?  What is so powerful and so prevalent in Ramadan that we would want to experience it for the entirety of our lives? 
Allah, in His book, addressed Ramadan by name, differentiating it from every other month of the year.  He (swt) also distinguished the month.  He chose it as the month of the Quran and since the day the Quran was revealed, it and Ramadan have never been separated.  Why?  Is there more to the relationship between the Book and the month than meets the eye?  Is there something many have never touched or had released during the blessed month using the blessed Book?
In Fasting: Your Metamorphosis, we will insha Allah shed light on very critical concepts that should be foundational for every fasting Muslim, but are ignored and oft-neglected.  Most people happen to miss the basic spirit behind acts of worship, and get blinded by the details and the mechanics.  

Oh seekers of Allah, diggers of wisdom, explorers of truth, tap into your inner hearts and minds by reflecting and analyzing.  Know true struggle, the true work, and the sincere devotion that come from Ramadan.  Make the month a new challenge and an enjoyable experience.  

Course Dates: Sunday, April 29th
Timings: 9:00am - 7:00pm.

Location: Yaseen Burlingame Center
1722 Gilbreth Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

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