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The Choice To Change
An Introduction to Tarbiya
Throughout the course of our lives, our choices and actions get mixed: some good, some bad. What remains, however, is the constant struggle to do better, and to be better. Regardless of a person's accomplishments, we all have an inherent desire to elevate and to enhance. But how does a person do this systematically, within the deen? Join us ONLINE for an introductory course on the oft-neglected mother of all sciences, the Quranic science of tarbiyah or growth, and learn the basics around systematically growing yourself into the human God intended you to be.
Where: Register Online and watch the course online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the free session the first lecture of the course?
A:  Yes it is the first lecture.
Q: From where is the course going to broadcast from?
A: When you register for the course we will send you a confirmation of registration email with the URL.   
Q: Is this course for children?
A: No, this course isn't for children.  It is designed for adults and, perhaps young adults, who are able to reflect and apply the science of growth and change.  Children are the clay to be molded by their caregivers, hence this course is not for them. 
Q:  Is this course about raising children?
A:  No, this course is not about raising children. It is about  you growing and changing yourself into the person Allah intended you to be.
Q: How much is tuition for youth?
A: Tuition is the same for everyone, regardless of age.  Please see prices on the registration page.
Q: What do I need for the course?
A: You will need:
  • A personal computer with reliable Internet access, and speakers (headset optional).
  • The ability to navigate a computer.
  • A quiet study space.
  • A Quran with English translation, or translation in the language you best read and comprehend.
Q: Do I need a microphone to speak into?
A: No, you will not be called upon to speak.
Q: Is this course interactive?
A: Yes, you can ask the course instructor questions via email or discusss topics in our discussion forum online. 
A:  If you are late or miss a class, please email Noesis at info@noesisinstitute.com.  Reruns of the course will be available.
Q: Is this course recommended for both Muslims and Non-Muslims?
A: No, this course is designed for those who have already declared Shahada.
A. Yes, after the first hour.
Q: Are scholarships available?
A: Yes, as we receive scholarship funds, partial scholarships are made available. To apply, simply send an email to info@noesisinstitute.com stating how much you can afford. If funds are available, we will allocate a portion to you.

Q: How do I give scholarship money?
A: Go to our website www.NoesisInstitute.com and click on the orange Support Us icon in the top right hand corner of the page. You will be directed to Paypal where you will be prompted to enter the dollar amount you'd like to donate.  For amounts over $1,500 please mail checks to 4460 W. Shaw Ave Ste 235 Fresno, CA 93722.  In both cases, please follow up your scholarship donation with an email to info@NoesisInstitute.com letting us know the amount and that it has been either delivered electronically or mailed.

Q. May I pay by cash or check?
A. Yes you may. Please send an email to info@noesisinstitute.com stating whether you plan to pay by cash or check, then register online. Make checks payable to: Noesis Institute and mail them to 4460 W. Shaw Ave Suite 235 Fresno, CA 93722 a minimum of two weeks before the seminar. For cash, after we've received your email we will make arrangements with you to collect your tuition.